Who are we?

Welcome to the website of Falabella stud La Rosa! 

My name is Rosanne Louwerse, On this page i will tell you more about who i am, my love for the Falabella miniature horsebreed and how all this grew out to be the official registered stud farm La Rosa. 

When i was 14 years old i got the assignment to carry out a social internship. I ended up at Falabella stud El Charco.

With a lot of fun I spent my internship week there, and grew the love for these beautiful, little horses. 

I am now 23 years old and have been working in the stables of El Charco until the end of 2016.


Until August 25, 2017 I owned 3 Falabella horses, and I was working on expanding and professionalizing Falabella stud La Rosa. Many developments took place in the period from June 2017 to August 2017.

On June 18, 2017 I received an email from Willem Goudsblom, he asked me if I wanted to contact him. Willem Goudsblom then owned Falabella Stud farm de Bleekmeerhoeve.

Willem and Tineke started Falabella stud farm De Bleekmeerhoeve 15 years ago. Because Willem, due to health reasons, could no longer do all the work that comes with a stud, he was looking for someone to work with. He ended up on the website of Falabella stud La Rosa.

There was a connection, and after a number of meetings we decided that I would take over De Bleekmeerhoeve from Willem and Tineke. That meant that all 11 mares and 2 foals had to move from the north of the netherlands to Zeeland.

Meanwhile, all horses are doing great at their new home with us in zeeland. 

It also means that from September 2017 Falabella stud La Rosa and stud De Bleekmeerhoeve have continued together under the name Falabella stud La Rosa.

I am happy and grateful for the wonderful cooperation that has been established with Willem and Tineke.

Another familiar face on the stud is my mother Hanneke Louwerse. She often helps with day-to-day work, and is always there at the annual European Falabella Inspection and other events!

Furthermore, I hope to continue the trust and service that all customers / contacts of De Bleekmeerhoeve are used to in the same way, under the new name: La rosa.

In the future I hope to further expand my Falabella stud farm, and breed Falabella horses that are correctly built, have good movements, and are sweet in character.

Do you have questions or do you want more information?

We are happy to help you!

On behalf of the Studfarm,

Rosanne Louwerse